Monday, May 24, 2010

Letter of Resignation

To the saints of Bruner's Chapel Baptist Church,

                When I stand on the stage to which God's grace brings me, leading the members of Bruner's Chapel in worship, I look over those congregated here and see people I look to as parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles, and yet most of my blood relatives live hours from there.  I see people I have laughed and cried with.  There are still others who I know only by their deeds, and yet I hold them closer than a brother.  I see students I have taught and teachers who have mentored me.  Yet, ahead of me, and with a heavy heart, I see a parting of ways.  In these last two years, I have grown to be a wholly new person from the man I was when I arrived.  It seems now that God, in His wisdom, is growing my wife and I in a direction that takes us away from Bruner's Chapel. 

                In one way, we are saddened at this parting, but in another, we are committed to serve Him wherever He leads us.  We will miss those with whom we have served, but look forward to those He will place in our path to serve with in the future.  This future, over which my wife and I have sought the Lord in prayer continuously over these last few months, and which has been confirmed by the Lord through His Word and through prayer, leads us to Rainsville First Baptist Church in Rainsville, Alabama, where I have been offered and have accepted the position of Associate Pastor in a full-time capacity, effective Sunday, June 6.  This means my last Sunday at Bruner's Chapel will be May 30.

                As I remember you in my prayers, particularly as many new things are on the horizon for you, I covet your prayers as well.  I will be continuing my education at Southern Seminary, as well as taking up new challenges at Rainsville First.

                May God's blessing continue to be evident in the work of Bruner's Chapel, may her worship and service be informed by the Word and empowered by the Spirit, and may the Gospel of Jesus Christ be at the center of all of her endeavors.



Mark Whitaker


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