Monday, October 25, 2010

Morning Briefing

Earl has made it and we are briefing for the day. Pray for Mtarfa!

For His Kingdom,

- David Crowe

Flooding in Malta

We are experiencing some flooding here in Malta that has slowed down our work today. The rain has stopped and we are waiting for Earl to come and get us.

For His Kingdom,

- David Crowe

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Technical Difficulties

We are having some rain here which is hindering my ability to upload photos and updates to the blog. Everything will be uploaded as soon as I can get a better signal. We are all doing well, and we are headed out to Mtarfa today to do some serious ministry.

Stay tuned!

- David Crowe

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Malta Report - Day 6

We were asked to go and help a local church with some construction needs today and we happily obliged. (Our Mtarfa visit had to be pushed to Monday) Earl and James worked hard on installing an entire kitchen.



Brandon, Brad, and I scraped the grout off of a ton of tiles that will be used in the kitchen.

Some of our finished tiles:

I had two little helpers that worked hard with me (Thomas and Nathan)

After working hard on the project for more than nine hours, we headed over to the Pinkston's house for an incredible dinner.

Before we came back to the hotel, we dropped by the Baptist church that we are going to worship with tomorrow and did a sound check (Brandon and I) and got the building prepared for Sunday School and for the worship service. (Earl, Brad, James)

- David Crowe

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mtarfa - Profile of the Adopted village of Bruner's Chapel

As we walked and prayed through the streets of Mtarfa today, it was surreal to finally stand in the neighborhood our church has been praying for for more than three years.

The city has somewhere close to 1,600 residents, with a nice soccer field and a distinguished clock tower in its center square.

Though there were some nice areas, the town seems to be made up of mostly government housing, providing incredible needs for ministry.

A run down park in the middle of the neighborhood showed a promise of an improvement that is to come:

Many of the buildings could use some paint and upgrading.

Join us in praying for Mtarfa, that God would bless the harvest in this small Maltese town!

- David Crowe

Malta Report - Day 5 - Evening

After prayer-walking in Mtarfa, we traveled over to it's sister neighborhood, Mdina for lunch and sightseeing. We first went to the castle in The city and looked over the city wall at most of Malta.

We grabbed our lunch and made our way over to St. Paul's Grotto, and underground dwelling where it is traditionally believed that Paul spent his three months when he was on the Island.

We next walked over to St. Agitha's Catacombs and took a quick (15 minute) tour of the ancient underground church. We were able to see Christian artwork that dates to the 4th century. Sadly, since cameras were not allowed, I have no photos of the work (you can click here to see photos of the catacombs)

After the catacombs, we went to Earls apartment for fellowship.

During the early evening, we drove to another place to have a Bible study with the Arabic church of Malta. This church is full of Arabic speaking Christians from the middle east. Christians from countries such as Jordan and places in North Africa were there and we talked about Forgiveness from Luke 7. Because of the delicate security nature of those in attendance, I will not post any photos of the Arabic Christians.

To close out the night, we caught dinner at Chick King, and knew it was time for bed when Earl Camic performed his infamous "Napkin Head" impersonation.

- David Crowe

Malta Report - Day 5 - Morning

Left the hotel at 9:15 to catch the bus to Matsa and immediately walked over to the large church in the center if Matsa to see the dome.

After the visit to the dome we walked over to Earl Pinkston's office and talked with him about his vision to reach the Maltese people.

We then left for the town of Mtarfa, where we prayer walked and met with some of the townspeople. I met a produce stand worker named Darren and talked to him about the Bible and about going to church. He and his mother talked with Brandon Carrier and I for about 5 minutes. Tomorrow, we are going back to Mtarfa to witness. We will also pass out information about obtaining Bibles and meeting with others for a Bible study. Pray for us as we will be talking further with Darren about his faith.

- David Crowe

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Movies of Malta

Going past the area where they filmed scenes from the Count of Monte Kristo and happening upon the set of the upcoming HBO series, Game of Thrones, made me ask what other films have been shot here in Malta.

More photos from the Game of Thrones set:

Perhaps you have heard of such films as Popeye (with Robin Williams); U571; Gladiator; Munich; Alexandar; Troy; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; The Davinci Code and many others.

The James Bond movies shot in Malta: Casino Royale (1967) ;The Spy Who Loved Me (1977); Never say Never Again (1983)

For a complete list, click here.

Malta has been blessed with a rich film history. Let's pray that God blesses the island with a spiritual revival.

- David Crowe

Malta Report - Day 4 Evening

After our distribution, we caught lunch in the main square of Xagra and then went to the Ggantija Temples - which are claimed to be the oldest temples on earth. (they pre-date stonehenge by 1200 years!)

Next, we stopped by the Ta' Pinu Shrine, which was a Catholic church devoted to Mary.

This shrine contained letters from all over the world from people who have claimed to be healed by praying to Mary.

After the shrine, we went to the island Citadel, where many sad things happened. After a stop at the Citadel, we went to a famous place on Gozo called the Blue Window.

It was so famous, we happened onto the set of an HBO forthcoming television series called "Game of Thrones."

We drove back to the Ferry and caught a ride back to the main Island of Malta.

To close out the day, we caught a late night dinner at Burger King.

Pray for us as we head out to the village of Mtarfa tomorrow to prayer walk and witness!

Malta Report - Day 4 Morning

Woke up and had breakfast on the top floor of the hotel. Our breakfast is included in the price of our room and has some pretty decent stuff on the buffet for us to start the day out with. (fruit, cereal, eggs, juice, bacon)

After breakfast we caught an old bus to the town of Matsa to catch up with our guide, Earl Pinkston.

Earl drove us to a ferry where we caught a ride over to the island of Gozo. Along the way, we passed by a castle where they filmed the movie The Count of Monte Kristo. This castle served as the prison in the movie and the cliff is where they threw off the prisoner in a burlap sack.

We drove to the town of Xaqhra where we prayed and passed out over 500 packets that included a tract, information about how to get a free Bible, and an invitation to a Bible study group. We were able to talk face-to-face with many in the town and shared Christ. Though no one made a decision, there were many seeds planted in this "never before reached" area.

Pray that the seeds planted would yield a harvest of people interested in learning more about the Bible and coming to know Christ personally.

- David Crowe