Monday, November 1, 2010

Malta Report - Day 10 - (After Trip Upload)

October 28, 2010.

We woke up this morning and finished packing to meet with Earl at 11am. We loaded up the cars with our luggage and made our way towards the airport. On the way there, we stopped by the older building that the church used to meet in. The old sign was still up, along with a schedule of the other ministries that meet in the building.

We left there and traveled straight to the airport. There we checked our bags and sat down for a final meeting.

We shared some last minute insights about what we enjoyed about the visit and if there could have been any improvements. Then we all gathered up for one final group photo.

We hugged each other and Ghent made our way to the terminal where we waved a final goodbye to the team.

We boarded the plane for Frankfurt and headed home. Our return trip allowed for an overnight layover in Germany and we stayed at the Holliday Inn Express.

We caught dinner in Germany and then caught an early flight back to the US.

We landed safely in Lexington around 3:15 in the afternoon, ending an incredible trip with an incredible team!

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support for our mission trip!

- David Crowe

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