Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Fruits of Covetousness

This past Sunday we looked at the Lord's Prayer and the petition to ask God to "Give us today our daily bread." When we fail to pray this, we can easily fall into the sin of covetousness - a greedy desire for more than we need. The following list comes from Thomas Watson's classic work on the Lord's Prayer:

Such as are not content with daily bread—but thirst insatiably after more, will break over the hedge of God's command; and to get riches will stick at no sin. Therefore covetousness is called a radical vice. "The root of all evil." 1 Tim 6:10. [Oh cursed hunger for gold, to what do you not drive the hearts of men?] The Greek word for covetousness, signifies an inordinate desire of getting. Covetousness is not only in getting riches unjustly—but in loving them inordinately, which is a key that opens the door to all sin. It causes:

(1) Covetousness causes theft. Achan's covetous heart made him steal the wedge of gold—which cleft asunder his soul from God. Josh 7:21.

(2) Covetousness causes treason. What made Judas betray Christ? It was the thirty pieces of silver! Matthew 26:15.

(3) Covetousness causes murder. It was the inordinate love of the vineyard that made Ahab conspire Naboth's death. 1 Kings 21:13.

(4) It is the root of perjury. Men shall be covetous; and it follows, truce-breakers. 2 Tim 3:23. Love of silver will make men take a false oath, and break a just oath.

(5) Covetousness is the spring of apostasy. "Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world." 2 Tim 4:10. He not only forsook Paul's company—but his doctrine. Demas afterwards became a priest in an idol-temple, according to Dorotheus.

(6) Covetousness will make men idolaters. "Covetousness which is idolatry." Col 3:5. Though the covetous man will not worship graven images in the church—yet he will worship the graven image in his coin.

(7) Covetousness makes men give themselves to the devil. Covetous people forget the prayer, "Give us daily bread." They are not content with that which may satisfy nature—but are insatiable in their desire. O let us take heed of this cancer of covetousness! Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have." Heb 13:5.

May God keep us from the sin of covetousness, and may we be content with what we are given!

 - Bro. Dave

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