Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mission Trip Focus: Haiti

On January 12, 2010, an earthquake measuring 7.0 struck the nation of Haiti affecting more than three million people. More than 316,000 people were killed, 300,000 more were injured, and more than 1 million people were made homeless. 

Southern Baptists responded instantly pouring in aid and buckets of food, seeing an amazing response to the Gospel. With so many coming to Christ, there has been a need for training and discipleship of the Haitian believers. 

Phil Yates, pastor of Little Zion Baptist Church will be leading two mission teams from our association into Haiti to conduct a number of needed ministries. Phil has been to Haiti countless times and has been establishing a long term ministry in this nation with the local baptists. Joining the teams will be doctors from Louisville who will help conduct medical clinics for about four hours each morning.  After lunch, American pastors will be training the Haitian pastors in areas of ministry for three hours. After supper, everyone will join together for an evening worship service that will reach out to the Haitian people. 

There will be opportunities for evangelism throughout each day through the medical clinics and services. Volunteers are needed to assist with the clinics, teach personal hygiene, teach english, train the pastors and local Christians, and share Jesus.   

If you are interested in joining in with this mission trip, there will be a meeting this Saturday morning at Little Zion Baptist Church at 11AM. 

Here are the details of this trip:

Dates: There are two teams going during two different weeks - November 7-14 and 14-21. 

Cost: $1400

Team Leader: Bro. Phil Yates

Would you pray for Haiti and ask God if He is leading you to join this trip? With 40 spots open for the teams, this trip is expected to fill up soon. 

May God bess the spread of the Gospel in Haiti, Mercer County, and the world!

- Bro. Dave

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