Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Expansion Committee Report

I would like to thank the Expansion Committee for their report on Sunday Night. This committee has been working hard to move things forward, and I am grateful for their positive spirit and determination. Sunday Night, the committee shared three commitments with the church that they would follow:
  1. A Monthly Report to be delivered at the Business meeting informing us on all of the progress. 
  2. An invitation to approach any of the members of the committee with questions or concerns about the expansion of the property. Also, the committee will receive open questions after the committee report at the monthly business meeting. 
  3. The committee has committed to meet each week until a master plan for the expansion is in place. 
Join me in praying for this committee that God would help them through the meetings and background work that needs to be done. While they have their work cut out for them, we have many things as a church that we need to do to prepare for what is coming. 
  1. We need to pray! While I know many have been praying for our church and for our expansion team, we need to meet together to lift our prayers corporately. 
  1. Sunday Night, September 11, we will be joining together to pray for our nation and for our church. There will be some time that evening where we will specifically pray for the expansion of our church.
  2. 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer for our Church. Between the dates of September 11 and October 16, I want to challenge the members of our church to fast from something significant (like television, coffee, or candy) and pray for our church. 
  3. Prayerwalk on the new property. While the details for this are still to be announced, we are scheduling a prayerwalk on our property to ask for God’s guidance and blessing. 
  1. We need vision! The question of what we should do with this property brings up clear questions about where we are going as a church. Vision comes from God, and we need a unifying vision for the future that will incorporate three things:
  1. Who God has made us. By my estimate, we are a generous church, a missions minded church, and an outreach oriented church. 
  2. Where God has placed us. He has placed us in Rose Hill, within a 5 mile radius of more than 5,600 people. 
  3. What God has commanded of us. He has commanded that we love Him with with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and that we love our neighbors as we love ourselves. 
  1. We need revival! While the momentum in our church feels to many to have slowed down, we need God to revive us with a fresh excitement for His plans and for lost souls. 
  1. The next three Sunday Mornings we will be looking at key texts in the Bible to refresh our commitments to King Jesus. 
  2. Pray for God to revive you as we seek a renewal of our mission. 
  3. Pray for God to stir up his people for action in a community that desperately needs Jesus. 
With God’s leading, I cannot wait to see what great things He has in store! May God bless us as we step forward. 
  • Bro. Dave

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