Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harvest Festival and Poland Mission Trip Report

I would like to thank Amy Riley and the Children’s Committee for their hard work for this past Sunday Night’s Children’s event. We had a great turnout with many children participating and a fun time had by all. Thanks also to everyone who made soup and joined in on the fellowship. My children came home with bags full of candy and heads full of great memories!

The trip to Poland was an incredible experience! The primary objective of our trip was to assist the Glogow Baptist Church in their Logos Language School outreach. Our team played an important role in the Logos Language Center by teaching English classes for K-12th Grade students. The involvement of Americans in the school generates incredible interest in the city of Glogow, whose parents all want their children to learn English so that they can have better opportunities. Everyone in Poland desires to spend time with native speakers of English (Americans or Brits) so that they can improve their speaking. The school sees a 60% involvement rate in its annual English Camps, where the Gospel is presented and many children and parents have been coming to faith in Christ.

I spent many days teaching classes of K-3rd grade students. I was able to see new students showing up to the school after some buzz had been generated from our team’s involvement with the school. All of us spent some time speaking to the area’s public schools, which served as an incredible commercial for the school. This afforded us many opportunities to talk about our faith in Jesus. Many of the students who attend the Logos Language center would mention so in the public schools and their excellent English skills would encourage others to attend.

I was amazed to learn how hard it is to see Polish people come to a saving faith in Jesus. The staff of the church shared with me that decisions take many years to see.  The Polish people believe that since they are a Catholic nation, even though the vast majority never attends church, that they are OK with God. I praise God that I was able to visit with brand new Polish believers and see their passion to reach their nation! All of our team was deeply touched by the hospitality and humor of the Polish believers. The church was eternally grateful for our involvement in their school, as they see American involvement as vital to the fruitfulness of their outreach.  

I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support of this trip. My desire as a pastor is that we would not just give to missions, but we would also be involved in going, and I am thankful for a church that does both!

May God bless us with a heart for fulfilling His Great Commission!
-         -  Bro. Dave

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