Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beef Festival and Thanks...

I want to thank all of the men from our Brotherhood who worked hard on the Beef Festival this past weekend. The “Fattened Calf” BBQ team is Mike Riley, Darryl Peavler, Dwain Hahn, Varney Reed, Rudy Burgess, and Terry Honnaker. They won 1st Place in the Hamburger competition, 2nd Place in the sauce competition, 3rd place in the People’s Choice award, and they received the Grand Champion Award for best overall performance. Lauren Hahn received 2nd place in the youth competition. Our team beat out 22 teams for the top award, which included 6 professional teams! In the process of competing, hundreds of people were invited to our church, and all of the kids received an invite to our VBS. I praise God that while our men love to cook and eat meat, they love Jesus Christ more! Our men’s Brotherhood meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7PM. 

I want to thank everyone for all of the cards, notes, visits, pranks, gifts, hugs, cookies, and calls that I have received from members of the church as congratulations for finishing my doctorate. I do not know of any pastor who has had more support and encouragement than I have received as I journeyed through this stressful process. I could not have pursued the degree without the backing and support of the deacons and the church, and I am grateful for the opportunities for which you have enabled me.  I want to thank those who worked hard in the kitchen on Sunday night and all who brought some cookies for the fellowship. I especially want to thank Donald Logue and Linda Devine who helped to plan the event. I am completely overwhelmed by your generosity and encouragement, and I give all the glory to Jesus Christ for His faithful work in my life.

This upcoming Sunday we will be hosting two teams for the Kentucky Changers ministry that is coming to Mercer County. These students have given up a week of their summer and paid money to go and work hard in the hot sun to show the love of Jesus. Be sure to shake their hand and keep them in your prayers this week as they minister. 

Praise God for all of the gifts and promises that are ours in Christ Jesus!

-       Bro. Dave

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