Monday, July 9, 2012

Logo Design Contest

A closer look at the images (click them for a larger view):


Lisa Combs, Denise Edwards, Carmen Souder, and April Warren said...

A--the cross with no leaves. But I like them all.

Lisa Combs, Denise Edwards, Carmen Souder, and April Warren said...

Oops--now I see the radio buttons above, so I voted the correct way. Also ignore the other names in my post. I forgot that my blogger account has the other names in it because it is for school and we all work together on the same blog. My girls would be shaking their heads right now and sighing, "Oh, Mother . . ."

Logo Designer said...

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Abigayle said...

Although they are all somewhat similar, my vote goes to option A. It is the simplest, with that uncluttered look, yet the most striking. And it is important to design your logo in such a way that you catch your market’s interest at first glance. It would make things easier for your business. That is the beginning of a strong brand. ;)

- Abigayle Soderstrom

Felix said...

I think I have to agree with Ms. Abigayle's point. The first one has a cleaner and simpler look than the others. According to your poll, it is a sure winner! But what do I like the most? Your Poll application. It looks really cute, like an IPod, actually. :D


atiq rasel said...

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