Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to a New Year!

I would like to thank the Chapel Hill Quartet for their hard work and amazing concert with which they began our new year! This past Sunday was a special service and an incredible blessing to be a part of. Due to an car wreck on Mackville road this past Monday, the cable broadcast of this concert will run on television next Monday night, January 9 at 6PM on channel 6.

We have had reports of technical difficulties of our broadcast containing only the audio and not the video of our services. Sadly, this problem led to our recent Christmas cantata recording to contain only the audio. We have investigated this problem and have fixed what was causing it. I would like to thank Mark Edwards for his investigative work and have been told by him that it should not happen again.

As we begin the New Year, I will be launching a new series this Sunday morning called “Text Messeges.” I will be delivering some practical sermons on how we can better understand, read, trust, and apply the Bible. If you struggle to read, understand, or apply the Bible, you need to come and be a part of these services. In the process of this series, we will be looking at some of the Baptist beliefs that concern the Bible and how we can better grow in our love to spend time with God in His Word.

We must labor to read God’s word, and seek to study it in a way that is not a burden but a blessing. While it takes discipline to pick up the book and apply our minds to what we read in it – it yields an incredible blessing of sweet communion with Jesus. As Charles Spurgeon correctly observes:

“True Bible-readers and Bible-searchers never find it wearisome. They like it least who know it least, and they love it most who read it most. They find it newest who have known it longest, and they find the pasture to be the richest whose souls have been the longest fed upon it. When one of our missionaries had to read a certain Book of the Old Testament through a hundred times while he was translating it, he said that he certainly enjoyed the hundredth time of reading it more than he did the first, for he understood it better, and it seemed to him to be fuller and fresher the more familiar he became with it.”

May God bless our year with a great love for His Word, His Church, His Kingdom, and His Glory!

-       Bro. Dave

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