Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Advice for Singles from 1 Corinthians 7

This past Sunday I preached from a passage in the Bible that addressed singleness.  The following quotes should be helpful for those who are currently enjoying the gift of singleness:

Tony Evans:
“If you are single, God says you ought to be free. Free from what? Free from concern. The desire for a marriage partner should not preoccupy you. Singles, who are concentrating on marriage, are like folks who drive and talk on their cell phones. As a matter of fact, there are laws now in various states to stop people from talking on their cell phones because they are too distracted. They are running through red lights, bumping into the cars, and causing havoc on the highway. State after state now is coming up with laws to say, “If you are going to drive, drive. If you are going to talk, talk. Don’t talk and drive, because you are going to hurt somebody.” People who are preoccupied with marriage put themselves in a position of being hurt or hurting others.”

Warren Wiersbe:
Warren Wiersbe suggests five questions to be answered when considering marriage, which aptly sum up Paul’s concerns in this chapter: 
What is my gift from God? 
Am I marrying a believer? 
Are the circumstances such that marriage is right? 
How will marriage affect my service for Christ? 
Am I prepared to enter into this union for life?

Michael Green:
Instead of adopting the countless other criteria society suggests, Christians should ask themselves in which state, single or married, they can best serve the Lord. Michael Green recommends asking the following question, “Could I be equally useful to the Lord if married, or would it inevitably curtail my usefulness to him?” He then comments, “The quantity of time available for Christian involvement may be reduced once we are married, but its quality may be enhanced. At all events, I have no right to marry unless I have honestly faced the question of the impact marriage will have on my Christian life and service.”

Whether single or married, let’s give our lives for Christ and His Kingdom!
- Bro. Dave

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