Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ice Cream Fellowship Results

I want to thank everyone who came out Sunday Night and competed for the Golden Scoop Ice Cream Award. Thanks go to Marci Grey, Linda Devine, Mike Hensley, Jamie Gibson, Tammy Reed, Margaret Lowe, Ann Nichols, and Gail Moeller for their contributions to the contest. While it was a close contest, the judges made their decisions known after much deliberation. Third place went to Doug Lester for his amazing homemade “Butterfinger” Ice Cream. In second place, Ann Nichols took the prize with her homemade Orange Ice Cream. The first place winner, and the winner of the Golden Scoop Award, was Gail Moeller with her homemade vanilla ice cream!
Taylor Grey walked home with a shiny new quarter, which was her consolation prize for missing the final question during the game – “Who wants to win a dollar bill?” Luann Hill won a pound of Hershey’s Chocolate and Denise Edwards won 2 pounds of Twizzlers for winning the “Church Lingo” Game. The final game of the night, Pictionary, saw the women beat the men.
The best part of the evening was some of the amazing fellowship that took place. One young man who had not been to our church for years was counseled after the event. Another young man was introduced to the Brotherhood ministry and made a verbal commitment to attend the meeting this week. Praise God for a fun night of Christian fellowship!

God is doing exciting things in our midst! May we join Him in His great work!
-          Bro. Dave

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