Monday, December 10, 2012

The Read the Bible for Life Chronological Plan

You can pick up the 2013 Bible reading plan either online or in the Sunday School office. This sheet will fit nicely in your bible, and provide you with a full year of reading through the Bible chronologically. Some of the benefits of this plan include:
  1. Reading the Bible chronologically gives one a better sense of the overall flow of Bible history from beginning to end. The reader learns to keep a Bible passage in its historical context and order. By reading chronologically, the Bible student can more easily follow God’s plan of salvation from the beginning – the “mystery” that has been manifest from times eternal to the present (Rom. 16:25-261 Cor. 2:7Eph. 3:9Col. 1:26). Remember, the Bible is not a catechism or a topical textbook arranged by subject matter: God, man, sin, salvation, etc. The Bible is a single and unified message of salvation that flows through several periods of history.
  2. Reading the Bible chronologically allows the reader to put together the historical events with the doctrinal lessons attached to them. For example, in the Old Testament, one can read about the tumultuous events of the life of David in 1 Samuel, followed by the God-honoring feelings of his life in the book of Psalms. Or, one can read about the ungodly history of Israel in 1-2 Kings, followed by the powerful sermons preached by the prophets during that time. The historical events are explained by the spiritual lessons and vice-versa.
  3. This plan has only 6 readings per week. You get a free day to catch up or read elsewhere. 
  4. You can read through this plan on any electronic internet device of your choice. You can read through this plan on the internet by going to and setting up the “Reading God’s Story: One Year Chronological Plan”. If you own an apple device (iphone, ipad, or ipod touch) or an android device - you  can download the Youversion Bible app for free and access this resource from your mobile device. This app/website will help you keep up with your readings and will allow you to read through the plan in any Bible version of your choice for absolutely free.  

Let me encourage you to read the Bible in chronological order at least once in your lifetime. It will reward you greatly in your understanding of God’s overall plan for saving mankind. The Bible is one, continuous message of salvation from paradise on earth lost (Gen. 1-3) to paradise in heaven regained (Rev. 21-22). By reading chronologically, you will see the beautiful panoramic view of the Bible’s plan of salvation as it is seen through a series of unfolding events throughout history.

May God give us a greater hunger for and a better understanding of His Word!

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