Friday, December 18, 2009

Lottie Moon Update

Mission Report from IMB Missionaries Josh and Amy Bowman, friends of mine since High School:


Our family has just returned home from our Prayer Retreat where we gather with IMB missionaries who are serving all over Zambia for a time of focused prayer, Bible study, and worship.  Our children were also ministered to as they learned from God's Word and enjoyed the fellowship of other MKs just like themselves.  Corporate worship in your own heart language is a much needed exercise of your soul and it isn't until we are at meetings like this that I realize how much my soul thirsts for it!  We were so thankful for the Lord meeting with us in a special way as we talked about persistent prayers of the past 50 years since the first IMB missionaries arrived in Zambia in 1959.  The prayers of those first missionaries for the rural cities all over the country to hear the Gospel have been answered as now there are families all over Zambia sharing Christ with these people groups!  Praise the Lord for answers to persistent prayers of those who have gone before us.


This was  a bittersweet time because it has just been decided that we will NOT have any meetings like the one described above for the coming year of 2010 due to almost HALF of our budget being cut.  We agree that it is better to cut money from missionary meetings and not cut our ministry budgets and the opportunity for the lost to hear the gospel.  It is great to be part of an organization that makes the preaching of the gospel the priority in all we do!  Our goal this year for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering that is being collected in your churches this month is $175 million.  We are praying that it will be met so that tough decisions will not have to be made like which people group will have access to the Gospel and who will have to slip into eternity without that chance.  It has been said that if every person will give just $7 more than what they gave last year the goal will be met!!   Will you PRAY about what God would have you give this year?


Our Goal is $10,000 this year and our in gathering is this upcoming Sunday  Let us pray about what God would have us give to the Lottie Moon Offering this week!

- Bro. Dave

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