Monday, December 28, 2009

Joel Osteen and Propserity Gospel Videos - Acts of the Apostates Series

Our Sunday Evening series through the book of Jude has looked into the current Prosperity Gospel heresy. This heresy teaches that Jesus did not die only to forgive our sins, but to make us all rich. We also looked at Joel Osteen's version of the Gospel, where Jesus did not die for our sins but to make us victorious. It may sound good, but it is lacking in one key element of the Gospel - that we are sinners and that Jesus is our Savior.

Prosperity Gospel Videos:

Click here for an eye-opening report on the prosperity gospel in Africa.

Joel Osteen Videos:

Osteen's Gospel Presentation:

A great critique of Osteen's version of the Gospel can be heard from Todd Friel's recent radio program:

William Lodbell is a journalist who has followed the ministries of many of the individuals in the Prosperity Gospel Movement:

Check out John MacArthur's recent discussion for more information.

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Denise said...

These video clips are definitely eye openers. I don't watch TBN, but have always heard of the fake "TV Preachers" who just take people's money. So sad to realize how much money they are taking in and how many people are being hurt and turned away from the Gospel by this. I am shocked to hear, though, that pastors such as Billy Graham and Franklin Graham have appeared on TBN and not spoken up for the truth. Does anyone know if this is documented?

Denise said...

Wow, just checking out Benny Hinn on Youtube. Very interesting. Here's a link to a Nightline interview.