Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good News from Dr. Chuck Lawless

This article has nothing at all to do with music, worship, or youth, but it is a story that needs to be spread, and so this is how I will do it.  As a matter of fact, if it weren't for the fact that I submitted this article late (which explains why some might receive their chimes late—thanks for waiting for me, Jeanne!), I wouldn't be able to share this story.  Because of my class schedule this semester, I have the opportunity to attend Chapel services at seminary, which has been a huge blessing.  During Chapel, there is always a time where the presiding faculty member (usually President Mohler or Vice-President Moore) introduces the speaker for the morning, as well as the guest musician when there is one.  This morning during that time, Dr. Moore invited the Dean of the Billy Graham School, Dr. Chuck Lawless, to the stage to share some exciting news.  Usually, when this happens, it means that someone has released a new book or has been recognized in some way in the world of theological academia.  On this particular occasion, Dr. Lawless approached the pulpit with tears in his eyes, sharing with the seminary body that, after a lifetime of prayer for his father's salvation, he received news yesterday that his father had prayed to receive Christ!  At first, this seemed strange to me.  Of course, we should celebrate with the host of angels when someone joins the Kingdom, but still this seemed out of place.  And then Dr. Lawless explained the significance of the event.  First of all, it should be noted that Dr. Lawless is a dean at the largest and most influential evangelical seminary in the world, and yet it was not his words that brought his father to faith.  It was the words of his younger brother, who lacks in any post-secondary education at all, much less theological education.  This should humble all of us (myself included) who become puffed up thinking we know all the answers.  And yet, Dr. Lawless celebrated in tears with his brother over this incredible victory.  Secondly, he told us that in his missionary journeys over the years, he had placed his father's name in the prayerful care of every missionary he had met all over the world, and one such missionary, after hearing the delightful news, shared with Dr. Lawless that he had been encouraged to share the Gospel in the extremely hostile country he served with more boldness than ever before because of this testimony.  Lastly, after Dr. Lawless finished the announcement, Dr. Moore had everyone in the room who was currently praying for a lost family member stand, which brought over half of the room to their feet.  We prayed at that moment for those standing, and for the people they represented, and it made me realize that even though we have the best theological education in the world, it is still in God's time that He draws people to Himself.  Might we pray with boldness and long-suffering for those in our families who don't know Christ, and might we celebrate with the angels when God does such a mighty work in their lives!


-Mark Whitaker

Minister of Music and Worship

Interim Minister to Students

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