Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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It has been a wonderful sabbatical for Anna and I
as we went home to Texas for our wedding, and Ireland
for our Honeymoon, but we are both extremely excited
about this Fall, and are ready to see what God has in store
for us.
As I was reading my daily devotional this week,
the subject was on marriage. It comes from Hosea 2:19. I
am going to re-print it here, because I think it does all the
“I will make you my promised bride forever. I will
be good and fair, I will show you my love and mercy.”
“For all its peculiarities and unevenness, the Bible
has a simple story. God made man. Man rejected God.
God won’t give up until He wins him back.
God will whisper. He will shout. He will touch
and tug. He will take away our burdens; he’ll even take
away our blessings. If there are a thousand steps between
us and Him, He will take all but one. But He will leave
the final one for us. The choice is ours.
Please understand. His goal is not to make you
happy. His goal is to make you His.”

- A Gentle Thunder, Max Lucado

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