Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Closer Look at the 10 Plagues of Exodus

Our Sunday Night series through the books of the Bible has yielded some helpful information in better understanding our Bibles. This past Sunday night we looked at the book of Exodus and discovered some fascinating insights about stories we have known our whole lives.

One point that was stressed about the book of Exodus was how during the time of the ten plagues, God was making a spectacle of all of the Egyptian gods through each plague. With each plague, He was showing how the Egyptian gods were powerless and that He is the one true God that they should trust in. Here are some examples of how the ten plagues showcased God's power over the Egyptian gods:

1 Nile and other waters turned to blood. The Nile-god Hapi was totally disgraced

2 Frogs. Frog-goddess , or fretility godess, Heqt (or Heket), was powerless to prevent it

Heket the Egyptian Goddess, had the head of a frog.
Heqt (or Heket) the Egyptian Goddess, had the head of a frog. 

3 Dust turned to gnats. Thoth, lord of magic, with the Egyptian magicians, was helpless to stop it

4 Gadflies over all Egypt except Goshen where Israel dwelt. No god was able to prevent it-not even Ptah, Egypt's creator of the universe.

5 Pestilence on livestock. The sacred cow-goddess Hathor nor Apis the bull could prevent this plague

6 Boils. Healer deities Thoth, Isis, and Ptah were rendered helpless.

7 Thunder and hail. Exposed the impotence of Reshpu, and Thoth, gods of rain and lightening and thunder

8 Locusts. This was a blow to protector of crops, the fertility-god Min.

9 Three days of darkness.
Ra, the preeminent sun-god, and Horus, a sun- god, disgraced

10 Death of the firstborn including Pharaoh's. Pharoah was considered by the Egyptians to be a god incarnate. Ra (Amon-Ra), sun-god represented as a ram, was unable to stop it nor to save himself.

Praise God that he has made a spectacle of all evil through the death of his son on the cross! Colossians 2:15 tells us, "He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame, by triumphing over them in him."

Join us again this Sunday night as we look deeper into the challenging book of Leviticus!

May God bless us with a growing passion to read His Word!

- Bro. Dave

Check out this link for more information about the 10 Plagues and the God's of Egypt.

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