Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow/Ice Advisory for Worship Services on Sunday, January 10

From looking at our parking lot, we are going to have church tomorrow. Please be cautious as you move about the parking lot and if you have any real concerns, please stay home. You can assess the situation for yourself by looking at the following photos that were taken today at 5:30PM.

Special thanks to Glen Peavler and others who have worked hard to let us have church tomorrow! 

Click on any of the following photos to enlarge them:

The Stairs in this photo are the fire escape stairs:

 The outside East stairs are dry and have salt on them:
 The back lot has the most ice with some black ice spots near the drain pipes:
 Here is a black ice patch near one of the back drain pipes:
 The side lot looks great:
 Front steps are dry and salted:


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