Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Youth Retreat and Mike Riley's Sermon

This past weekend was a monumental weekend for Bruner’s Chapel Baptist Church. I had the great pleasure of attending our Student Retreat to Gatlinburg and enjoyed hanging out with the students and workers for a weekend. Most all of the students who went made commitments to read their Bibles daily and pray for their lost friends. Mark Whitaker did an incredible job teaching our students, and all of the small groups ran incredibly well. Everyone behaved and had an extremely fun time!

On Sunday, I began to receive some phone calls telling me about the morning service. I have never heard such positive feedback for anyone’s sermon like I did for Mike Riley’s message. It was clear that Mike had addressed some issues head-on and did it in a loving way. I could not wait to get back and watch the service myself.

On Monday night, my wife Ginny and I enjoyed watching the DVD of Sunday morning’s service. We loved what we saw and heard. We were amazed at how clearly Mike communicated the current climate of our church and we were touched by his sincere love for Bruner’s Chapel Baptist Church. Though I am sure some may have been offended by what Mike had to share, one thing is clear to me - Mike is absolutely correct about his concerns for our church.

With the host of great conversations I have had with many within our congregation, it is clear that Mike is not alone in his feelings. Most all of us are tired of the apathy and complaining spirit that we have seen in our church. We are ready to move on and do what God has asked us to do! We love our church, and we love seeing it grow!

If you did not hear Mike’s message, I encourage you to watch it (below) or listen to it on our church media page. If you like what you have heard, it’s time for you to get involved with what God is doing in our church!

The Church that Left It's First Love from Bruner's Chapel Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Thank you Mike, for your courage to speak the truth in love! Thank you Mike and Amy both, for your service to our church!

May God continue to fuel the fire that is growing in our congregation!

- Bro. Dave

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