Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Malta Report - Day 3 Evening

During the afternoon, Brad King and I went out to share Jesus with anyone we could talk to. We were able to talk to two young boys and give them a tract. Earlier in the day, Brad and Brandon gave a bible to our waitress at the reastarant we had lunch at. Keep praying for us to have many opportunities as we head out tomorrow for some intensive outreach.

We left our hotel tonight to go to Knisja Evangelika Baptist Church. We had dinner at the church (awesome spaghetti) and then had a wonderful time in the service.

Linda Devine shared her testimony, Brad King and I led worship, and Brandon Carrier preached a great message on the Rich Young Ruler of Matthew 19.

Tomorrow we head to the island of Gozo.

Prayer updates: Brandon feels great by the way; my leg is doing really good; and we are all praying for Bethel Baptist Church.

I will post again tomorrow!

- David Crowe

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