Thursday, October 21, 2010

Malta Report - Day 4 Morning

Woke up and had breakfast on the top floor of the hotel. Our breakfast is included in the price of our room and has some pretty decent stuff on the buffet for us to start the day out with. (fruit, cereal, eggs, juice, bacon)

After breakfast we caught an old bus to the town of Matsa to catch up with our guide, Earl Pinkston.

Earl drove us to a ferry where we caught a ride over to the island of Gozo. Along the way, we passed by a castle where they filmed the movie The Count of Monte Kristo. This castle served as the prison in the movie and the cliff is where they threw off the prisoner in a burlap sack.

We drove to the town of Xaqhra where we prayed and passed out over 500 packets that included a tract, information about how to get a free Bible, and an invitation to a Bible study group. We were able to talk face-to-face with many in the town and shared Christ. Though no one made a decision, there were many seeds planted in this "never before reached" area.

Pray that the seeds planted would yield a harvest of people interested in learning more about the Bible and coming to know Christ personally.

- David Crowe

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