Thursday, October 21, 2010

Malta Report - Day 4 Evening

After our distribution, we caught lunch in the main square of Xagra and then went to the Ggantija Temples - which are claimed to be the oldest temples on earth. (they pre-date stonehenge by 1200 years!)

Next, we stopped by the Ta' Pinu Shrine, which was a Catholic church devoted to Mary.

This shrine contained letters from all over the world from people who have claimed to be healed by praying to Mary.

After the shrine, we went to the island Citadel, where many sad things happened. After a stop at the Citadel, we went to a famous place on Gozo called the Blue Window.

It was so famous, we happened onto the set of an HBO forthcoming television series called "Game of Thrones."

We drove back to the Ferry and caught a ride back to the main Island of Malta.

To close out the day, we caught a late night dinner at Burger King.

Pray for us as we head out to the village of Mtarfa tomorrow to prayer walk and witness!

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