Saturday, October 23, 2010

Malta Report - Day 6

We were asked to go and help a local church with some construction needs today and we happily obliged. (Our Mtarfa visit had to be pushed to Monday) Earl and James worked hard on installing an entire kitchen.



Brandon, Brad, and I scraped the grout off of a ton of tiles that will be used in the kitchen.

Some of our finished tiles:

I had two little helpers that worked hard with me (Thomas and Nathan)

After working hard on the project for more than nine hours, we headed over to the Pinkston's house for an incredible dinner.

Before we came back to the hotel, we dropped by the Baptist church that we are going to worship with tomorrow and did a sound check (Brandon and I) and got the building prepared for Sunday School and for the worship service. (Earl, Brad, James)

- David Crowe

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