Friday, October 22, 2010

Malta Report - Day 5 - Morning

Left the hotel at 9:15 to catch the bus to Matsa and immediately walked over to the large church in the center if Matsa to see the dome.

After the visit to the dome we walked over to Earl Pinkston's office and talked with him about his vision to reach the Maltese people.

We then left for the town of Mtarfa, where we prayer walked and met with some of the townspeople. I met a produce stand worker named Darren and talked to him about the Bible and about going to church. He and his mother talked with Brandon Carrier and I for about 5 minutes. Tomorrow, we are going back to Mtarfa to witness. We will also pass out information about obtaining Bibles and meeting with others for a Bible study. Pray for us as we will be talking further with Darren about his faith.

- David Crowe

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